Where has the time gone?

I would like to start with an apology for not having written anything in what seems like for ever.


It is true.

I fell off the wagon.

And I am not quite sure why or how.

I am also not quite sure why or how I didn’t get back on sooner.

Well. The main thing is I am back.

So….. What’s new….

Results are in.

I passed my second year. Whoop whoop! I passed my final exam for this course. I have chosen (after much deliberating) my two final modules. Yes, crazy lady chosen to do another two modules side by side.

Unfortunately, career wise, choosing to do advanced creative writing wouldn’t work. So I have gone with my second (well first actually – the creative writing wasn’t an avenue I forsore myself going down this time last year…. but I loved it so much!) choice of Shakespeare to Austin. My main choice was always going to be Children’s Literature, and I am really looking forward to it. That said after re-reading Pride and Prejudice I have now fallen in love with Mr. Darcy. The first time I read it, I never understood what all the fuss was about having a preference for Sense and Sensibility and it’s characters. But I really do understand the draw of him. Austin really does have a knack. If you haven’t already read it then you must – it could change your whole existence.

So I have been trying to get as much reading of the set texts before the year starts as possible. Not too successfully. I started the summer after the exam was over trying to take my mind of the course, so I read the Twilight Saga. Each book took me about a day or two to read – I was hooked! Even Breaking Dawn despite being a relatively huge book (made up of three average size books) was over in just three days 😦

After that I tried to read Outlander. But I just couldn’t get into it. So started reading The Host – completely different from Twilight, I just didnt really gel with it, and about 1/3 – halfway through it is still sat laying face down by my bedside table (it has been knocked off the shelf one to many times and I am past caring for it).

I then decided to try and find a similar series to Twilight, but before I found a complete series, I had signed up for both courses and started to order my first set texts.

The first to arrive was Austin’s Persuasion. Now I have to say – I will get back to reading this as despite the beginning seeming quite boring and dragging someone, now her love interest has shown his face the pace has really picked up. I nearly gave up on it. Having not been one of the books I read as a teenager or young adult, I just didnt seem to be connecting to it. So I ordered the Austin BBC Set and sat down and watched them all (after I read Pride and Prejudice in about a week – schools were back so not as easy… plus out of my night owl routine so need to re-caffinate first….). After watching the set, I must say I have also now fallen in love with Colin Firth (younger version) as Mr Darcy.

I then got my module books and the module websites opened, so decided to see what essays needed what. To find I should have started with the Shakespeare reading first, Austin doesnt come until April (hence I will get back to Persuasion – if my willpower to hold off it will allow). So the first and third essay for Childrens Lit. are questions around Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone (I have found my new series addiction….. looking out for the ones I don’t have….) and Northern Lights. I started reading Harry Potter last week. I finished it last night (thats with about 3-5hrs reading time – it is as good as the hype – if you haven’t read it…). Just started Northern lights last night – read the first page. I am now on page 5. God it is depressing me! I will give it ’til this time next week. No. I’ll give it ’til the weekend. Then I will just speed read it.

Anyway. No Doubt I am boring you. So here is something to liven things up….. This is what my hubby found last night – I had been planning to go to be but after seeing that it gave me the heeby jeebies so I stayed up for about an hour and a half to try and recover….


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