I got my last Literature Essay in…

I am not 100% happy with it. In fact, I will be happy if I get a mark at all. It’s taking its toll. And to top it off, I feel really disheartened with the last result I have received for my creative writing course. I can see most of the critique. In fact, I can understand why it has all been said. It’s just some of it I feel was misunderstood, I so wish I’d put some footnotes. But, here’s the thing: I just read through my EMA (EMA = end of module assignment) and feel like it just doesn’t make any sense. I am in two minds as to whether to just scrap it and start over. But the EMA is 50% and the due date is 26th May – 12 days!! Plus I have an exam on 2nd June which I need to revise for (for the Literature module – yeah, essays done but still have an exam. Also 50% of the module mark – how unfair when I am shite at exams!).

I am currently watching Eurovision, a little behind, it’s on Latvia for me – the song isn’t too bad. Definitely not the worst. Possibly not the best. But Ukraine now, what a voice. That song will be addictive.

I was nearly gonna just post my EMA failure up here. But I think I will sleep on it and see how I feel in the morning – whether I should just use it as a baseline and rework all/parts or start again…..



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