Lamb Stew and Sultana Dumplings



Apologies for the picture- the stew got high reviews at the dinner table so afraid no pictures possible (plus phone is broken 😦 …). So instead have a picture I took of a burning log from a day or two ago (when my phone was working…).



This is a new favourite for my family…

Lamb Stew with Sultana Dumplings

This should serve 5-6

Ingredients for stew:

1/2 leg of Lamb

3-4 carrots chopped (skin on, washed before chopped)

1 large or 2 small swedes

300ml water

2 beef oxo cubes

1 tsp chopped garlic (I use Very Lazy Garlic in the jar – saves it going off and saves your hands stinking of garlic for days to come)

1 tsp chopped ginger (also Very Lazy Ginger in jar – lasts far better)

2-3 tsp mixed herbs

2 tbsp bisto original gravy granules + 200ml water




  1. Place everything except the bisto gravy granules in the slow cooker for 3hrs on high
  2. put on low for 2hrs
  3. move into large saucepan removing bone and fat from the lamb
  4. add the bisto granules and stir, add a further 200ml water, add dumplings now


Dumplings ingredients:

100g suet

200g self-raising flour

40g sugar

100g sultanas (or raisins)

40g desiccated or ground coconut

150ml water



  1. Mix all of the ingredients (excluding the sultanas) to form a dough (sift first if you like or just stir/squash out lumps)
  2. add sultanas and mix well (you can leave these out – my husband forgoes them but myself and the children like them)
  3. divide into balls (2 per person or as required, i.e. for us we do 1 each for the younger children and two each for everyone else).
  4. place on top of the stew in the liquid, cover pan and leave to simmer for 30 minutes.
  5. serve dinner and enjoy! I it comes out right you’ll not get a chance for pictures either….



I’d love to hear back from anyone who has tried any of my recipes and how they got on….




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