What Kind of Writer am I?

 If I were a famous writer I would be…. (drum roll please)



Curtesy of Source: What Famous Writer Are You?


You got: Ernest Hemingway


Perhaps one of your peculiar hobbies is listening to people talk to each other.  In any case, it is apparent in your writing that the nuances of dialogue are important to you.  Surroundings are also paid special attention to in your stories, thus showing that for you setting is just as important as plot.  And you do have good plots.  While you may or may not be of a particular faith, there is an underlying theme of good overcoming evil that gives your work special meaning to you.  You are a normally introverted person, but your stories are the best way for you to express your thoughts to the world.

So, What would you say? Is this pretty accurate from what you have read of mine through this blog? Letter me know in the comments. x x


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