So the picture…



I posted this on twitter this morning to remind me to write about it. It makes me laugh every time I see it. If you have a child older than say 18months, you will probably already know why.


So, You are probably all aware of the great weather we have had this past week (especially in Scotland of course). Well, rain or shine Annabelle has her ways, and one of them is to always take something or someone with her when we take the boys to school or collect them.


This week, it was her favourite doll, Daisy. Now, as you can see, Daisy is well worn. Since the moment Annabelle got her for her first birthday, they have been inseparable, to the point that I have search and search for a back up but the closest I found doesn’t look too much like her (luckily she does like her too – she name that one Belle, after herself – how amazingly self-assured young children are!?). Anyway, as the weather has been good, we have been to the park next to the school each day this week, for between 5- 60minutes at a time (depending on a scale of tiredness).

Well, Daisy, is so named as Annabelle’s favourite song is Daisy Bell Daisy, Daisy give me your answer do, I’m half crazy just for the love of you. I can’t afford a carriage but somehow we will manage for your look sweet upon the seat of a bicycle made for two)

Daisy, Daisy

give me your answer do,

I’m half crazy

just for the love of you.


I can’t afford a carriage

but, somehow we will manage

for your look sweet

upon the seat

of a bicycle made for two

(just in case you didn’t know it – it’s a traditional English song, my dad sang it to me as a child – he was far better at it as he always remember all the lines including the main verses, I only ever remember the chorus… I will add the whole song at the end)

Also, as there are always an abundance of wild Daisies, and the dolls onsie has a daisy-like flower on the front, it left little other option but to be named as such.

Oh, and if by any chance anyone has an identical doll to the above (it was from Tesco’s Emmi range, and has a soft body which makes baby sounds if you press it’s tummy), feel free to message me!


Anyway, I am digressing so to get back to the point – the photo…


Daisy’s main occupation on our walks to school this week has been to sit and observe Annabelle play. Apparently, according to Annabelle, Daisy has been giving her feedback on how she plays. According to Elijah, she has also given suggestions on improved play techniques and methods to further the joy of ‘the play park’.


So, I decided to ‘join’ their imaginative run.  whereever I go, no matter how long or short I take with me a pen and notepad (at worst a scrap of paper or my phone – dont worry I use the features not actually my pen on the phone itself…). So, Yesterday morning (this morning Daisy forgoed the school run as Annabelle forgot to pick her up and fortunately was not reminding by her older brothers [I tend to be the one who ends up having to carry her home with her head peaking out of my bag so she can breath]), Annabelle sat Daisy on the bench as she ran to the climbing frame. I sat down next to her (to keep her company of course…) and regardless of the brief sitting, managed to write several pages of my next story.


So, the moral of this post (if you can call it that) is to let your imagination run free! Okay, my story was a ghost thriller, but hay, if it gets the juices flowing what does it really matter is the trigger (so long as it doesnt cause anyone harm)?


P.S. on another note, when looking for the picture on my harddrive just now, I realised just how much crap I have in my downloads folder- god only knows how much is on my entire system let alone icloud, dropbox or google drive…. After my exam the first thing I will be doing (whilst consuming a large bottle of red liquid – as yet undecided whether this will be vodka based or wine…) is giving my mac a full ‘summer’ clean down! No one should have to scroll for a minute to find just one picture downloaded from google photos!


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