In response to trampolines.

In response to my previous post, trampolines are just a pure no-no for me now. So instead I must find another avenue of fun :(. I really love having a good old bounce on the trampoline too, but, to no avail. If I do I will most likely pee myself if I remain more than a few minutes. Me thinks pelvic floor efforts need permanent attention if I am to prevent this….IMAG2645.jpg

And so it was to this I decided to go for a run yesterday evening… This run turned out to be a family bike ride. With Darren and the children all deciding to come along, despite my somewhat muted insistence that I was going for a run by myself…

But all was not lost, after all, it is far more exercise worthy when you are carrying a (nearly) three-year-old along with you on the back of the bike – never underestimate just quite how much more difficult it is to pull yourself along with a child in tow! Let me tell you this – it IS BLOODY HARD WORK!

So, I decided what the heck? I am a glutton for punishment after all – so I took her again this morning after we got the boys to school/nursery…

So right now my backside is killing me, as my SPD is not going. I can’t speak (in any more than a whisper which still hurts like someone is scraping on the inside of my throat), and oh yeah, to top it all off, my tendinitis has flared up coz of course it just loves to do this when I have essays due! Of course, had my voice been working I could just well simply use Dragon and talk it into the computer. But, no, I can’t blooming well talk so that ain’t gonna work.


Which brings me to something that is really bugging me – why on earth do people keep trying to telephone me!?!


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