No one ever told me this…


It would appear us ladies have between deceived….

They don’t tell you this before having children…

You can probably see a picture of our lovely garden, and half our trampoline (as the sun is out Elijah and Annabelle are on the other side, and I try not to put their pictures on the internet whilst they are young [thus a tale for another time]). Well, I can’t stop long, but the reason for my broadcast is also the reason I must be brief….

Annabelle asked to come bounce on the trampoline with her (oh which reminds me, must charge my keyboard, touch type drives me nuts), so I thought ‘why not’.

I was there for no more than five minutes probably more like two or three, when I felt the urge to pee. Well  I thought, I’m sure I can hold it. So I jumped for about half a minute more then had to run to the loo. No, I didn’t wet myself, but it was a close call… It doesn’t matter how many pelvic floor exercises you do a day, it would appear that after the children jumping on a trampoline after lunch is best done with a toilet break between the two activities….

Here endeth the reading!


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