Research vs Writing

I was just looking for a photo to upload to define how I feel right now, but as I had youtube on autoplay it came to Scream, and it just so fits!!!


I am currently working on several things (nothing unusual there…)

  1. trying to get my voice back…. (still no luck)
  2. my last TMA for one of my OU modules (just the end of module assignment after this, Whoop! Whoop! – though also a little 😦 as I have really enjoyed this course and I know after this it’s only next year…)
  3. finishing my first novel (hoping to get published by the end of the year…)
  4. starting several other writing projects

Don’t ask me why, I just seem to find the more that gets loaded on me the more I load on myself. Call it the worst habit of all time.

Anyhow, the first I can’t really do anything more than I have already been trying. Which has done little to nothing as yet. I get a slight trace of it back for a minute or two, only for it to go completely for the following twelve hours or longer… Probably best to wait for hospital specialist to give their opinion…

The third and fourth are there for a reason – I should be focusing on point 1 & 2.

So, the second, has three things to do and is due by 28th. Followed by final essay for other module due on 12th May, then the EMA for this module on 26th May and exam for the other one on 2 June.

The three things are first write a 2000 word short story. Fine, I have the basis of this which needs whittling down in word-count from more than double (I can also take one of point 4’s other writing projects if I change my mind on the one I am currently editing). Then I have to research a place of publication (also good as can use this research to look [in the background] for place to publish my novel). Then once those parts are done I need to write a commentary on how I did it and why the publication chosen suits….

It will be a double edged sword finishing though… I will be releived of the pressure, but I will miss it too. 😦


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