So today we went swimming…. What an experience! Have you ever been swimming with no voice? Well, I can tell you, it was interesting….. First of all, it’s so loud in their you can barely even hear yourself think, Secondly, even if a slight sound came out it was futile because of reason 1!


The children loved it. Darren took Isaac on the flume, then I took Elijah, we went in the waves, (Annabelle like this until one went over her face….), They played in the toddler pool for ages, and we sat in the jacuzzi piece too.


After swimming we took them to the Riverside Inn where they played, ate, played, ate and so on, until it wa time to go. Then we came home.


It was a great day, the meal was very quiet – the downside to no voice is that instead of getting adult conversation you’re subjected to the proganda of the news whilst your children go and play….. The plus side, we all had an enjoyable (bar the TV) time and the children all came back tired – fell asleep as soon as their heads hit the pillows.


Thank you to Matthew Jackson for the photograph. Available at: https://www.flickr.com/photos/aeronautjackson/6772212829/in/photolist-qquo3n-aCJtkJ-4H7Dqc-4HbRtf-aCJ5EE-7PcD5V-aCJ44b-bjrmWa-6Tpg51

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