I got my essay in for English Literature today… Then we went to Dundee, followed by the Doctors and home again.

I started on my creative writing story in the car in my notebook. I did a very rough, very short free write. Then cooked tea. Ate tea. Got the children to bed. Then after the children went to bed I got my mac out and started again in Ulysses.


Why is it as soon as I find a good story I just can’t stop? This is due on Monday. I have 1,500 words to write as a piece of life writing prose. Then a 500 word evaluation.  So, instead, I have written nearly three and a half thousand words in just a few hours.  So now I have a momoth edit to do before writing the evaluation getting it in and starting on essay 3 of April due on the 28th.  Then one due on May 12th, then 26th then exam on 2 June and thats year two under wraps! Wahooo!!


Though hold on – don’t break out the bubbly yet (or gin)…..


I still have to write the assignments and get started on the revision……


Yay, how I love love love exams…… (can you sense my sarcasm… ?)



Ah well, to bed. Edit tomorrow. Review Saturday and submit by Sunday at latest. Then to the next…

Goose curtesy of ‘C Watts’ on Flickr

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