So tired

My eyes just want to close.
Early up, even earlier to bed. No reprieve.
Frustrating exhaustion.

No voice. Exhausted from the pain and weariness of attempting to explain in an audible yet succinct manner… Impossible! Still no one hears me and boy does it bloody hurt.

Tired. From the early nights or should I say mornings, not usually seeing my bed before 1 or even 2am… Then back up at 7.30am if I get a lay in… Must be April-May again… A mass of essays due in within days of each other, school Easter holidays too so no time during the mornings or afternoons…

But there is light at the end of the tunnel: June brings a long exam before a long holiday… Then in October it starts again, for the final time (with the exception of a years teacher training – fingers crossed and highly hoping!).


Oh and if you are wondering about the picture, let me know what you thought…


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