Talk about falling off the wagon… Sorry this is a moan

Well it was all doing perfectly until I had recover after op and was told not allowed any more zumba….I know, I konw technically that was before I even started this blog…

Then came christmas, the glutfest as my hubby calls it. I decided that I’d get straight back on with it as soon as it was over and instead did nothing be bake more and eat more and what do you know, back at square one. Well. Almost.

So, I just worked it out, for me to get back on target I need to loose around 30lbs/14kg so in other words thats how much I gained in recovery/xmas. Then in total I need to loose a whopping 66lbs/30kg!

To top it all off, for the past four-five weeks I have had know voice. It sucks. When I wanna sing along to something – nothing. If I wanna shout – it appears as though I am whispering. If I try to talk, nothing. And it hurts whatever I do. Doc’s don’t know what it is so are reffering to hospital and giving me a ‘trial’ medication.

I have lost all motivation for uni – I see that partly as I am now halfway and pushing past halfway the first time was hard enough, but pushing past now with no voice and the knowledge I already have an honours degree, well it doesn’t much help in motivation.

I have tried to do the reading but as I usually use a headset to listen to the books as I read alongside and half the time my voice has gone I have had severe earache and the other half I have had headaches, it isn’t really possible to listen, so it takes three times as long as I am either in agony trying to listen with headset, or trying to read it, falling asleep and having to reread twice minimum….

I have however done other things. I have registered for my next years (final year of this BA Hons) modules and I will be doing Shakespeare to Austen and Children’s Literature. I have made a wendy house for my dear Annabelle (and the boys of course). I have done copious amounts of baking, including a cake for Isaac’s 7th Birthday in the form of Bumblebee as a car (- Transformers).



I have eaten far too much chocolate. I have gotten spotted (not in a good way – chocolate I have found brings me out in bad spots that I cant stand). I have tried and failed a total of three times already to restart my weight loss/ control. Hoping this fourth time succeeds.

I believe I am gonna have to do it the same as before. So:

1. Lots of caffinated coffee, to keep me awake to the small hours to do my uni work.

2. Cold turkey on chocolate and ice-cream (though this part will have to wait ’til after easter as my willpower is at an all time low).

3. Daily zumba – regardless of how long for (min. short class 15-20min).

4. Back on MFP (my fitness pal) to record exact quantities and times of food.

5. no eating/snacking after teatime (drinks of coffee and water allowed).

6. Goal setting.

oh and finally for uni – to keep a daily blog again this tends to keep me on track and prevent a procrastinating and wondering mind….

So here is hoping.


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