New Project Scarf = Complete

As of 11:30pm yesterday I finished the scarf.  I am now back on the mittens for Annabelle, as all hers have run away!!

It seems that gloves in this house are b as elusive as gold in a tin mine…..

Currently she is laying across my lap sleeping. Darren thinks she may have chicken pox, I think she may just be poorly. I haven’t seen anything that b would point to chicken pox.

As for the knitting, well it seems it allows me to concentrate better lately. So whilst I knit, I am listening to audio books, as I am finding it hard to concentrate on the written form at present. So currently nearing the conclusion of Wuthering Heights, after having reread it in b the written form six times since July… Then, I will need to read over there text book chapters once more before beginning to write the next two assignments.

As for the mittens, I hope to conclude these by the end of the day….

So far:
Cast on 22st
Rws1-6: k1, p1
Rws7-12: Kn
Rw13: k3, inc 1, k to last 3, inc1 k to end
Rw14: k
Rw15: k4, inc 1, k to last 4, inc 1 k to end
Rw16-17: k
Rw18: k5, inc 1, k to last 5, inc 1 k to end
Rw19: k
Rw20: k6, inc 1, k to last 6, inc 1 k to end
Rw21: k
Rw22: (start of thumb) k 4, inc 1, move all but last 4 to holder, k, last inc 1, now 3-3-4
Rw1-X: Kn to desired length for Annabelle this was 8rws
Rw9: k2tog to end 2-1-2
Rw10: thread through ends and tie off sewing in loose end securely.

Rejoin for hand:
start on 8th St from holder
Rw1: Kn to st14, pick up 1st from thumb, k to end. 7-8-8
Rw2-16: k (measure length against fingers).
Rw17: k2tog x4, k4, k2tog x4, k 3.
Rw 18: k 2 move next 7 to holder, move last 7 to holder, reverse glove
Cast off by knitting two rows together.


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