New Project – Scarf



I am trying out a new technique with this one, it’s called curly cords. You cast on then immediately cast off.

I wanted it chunky but AOL my chunky yarn is in the attic and as I have a bag out I will use this, so using two balls of ‘Jolly’s 100g Dream DK 75% acrylic 25% wool’ in dye 10.

For this I have started with 21st cast on, cast them off leaving one stitch on lhn (left hand needle), then cast on a further 24st cast off, now 2st on lhn, then i repeated until I had 9 cords (ending on a 21st cord).

Now knit each yarn and pick up 1 stitch after (finish on a picked up stitch) you should have 27st.

So from here I haven’t got far, about 5-6 rows, but I am knitting in stst which is easy as you just knit each row. So just need to knit to desired length…..

To finish I will cast off with the curly cords 21-24, starting and finishing on 21 with 9 cords.

I will let you know if and when I ever finish, I haven’t knitted a scarf before as I like to do more exciting projects or as my husband calls it ‘complex and the most complicated’. I also like them quick, something I can do a few evenings over a week or so (preferably less….).

What sort of knitting do you prefer?


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