I have been making soup ready for lent. This lent I have said that I will be embarking on a soup only diet (with yogurt and porridge for breakfast). So far I have made a Courgette, Asparagus, Leek and Bacon Soup, I am currently making a Fish soup (with salmon, trout and smoked haddock).  Tomorrow I will be making a few of the following, though as yet I am undecided on which…

Brocolli and Stilton

Beetroot Soup

Red Cabbage Soup

Leek and Potato Soup

Lamb Soupsupy

Carrot Soup

Onion Soup

I will be potting these up and freezing so they will be ready for the coming weeks. I figure lent is as good a way as any to kick start me back on track, the new year didn’t work and I need something to get me started. I love soup, I love to make it more than eat it often.


If anyone has any suggestions then please add a comment….



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