Peppa’s fluffy pink dress

Using `Stylecraft` Eskimo double knitting, in 5482 fusion and four 5mm double pointed needles.


Cast on 30st spread evenly over three needles 10-10-10

Rws1-3: knit
Split for arms:
Rw4: knit first 15st on one needle leaving remaining where they are.
Rw5-7: knit in stst
Rw8: rejoin rem. 15 St knit only these in stst for 4rws
Rw12: join work and Kn in round again dividing St evenly again, 10-10-10
Rw13-15: knit
Rw 16: inc to 14-14-14
rw17: kn
rw18; inc to 20-20-20
Now knit to desired length.
I did rws19-35, then cast off, this came to just below her body.


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