Peppa Pig pt3

Starting where left off – on rw3 as 3-3-4

Rw 4: Inc 1st St of ndl 1&2 so now 4-4-4

Rw5-7: knit

Rw 8: inc 1 kn2, so now 8-8-8

Rw9-10: knit

Rw 11: RPT rw 8 – so now 16-16-16 it should look something like this…..


Rw12-20: knit

Rw21: k2tog, k4,

Rw10-11: knit
Rw12: k2tog, k1

Rw13: knit
Rw14: k2tog

Rw15: k1, k2tog,
Thread through and see in end.

Here endith the head, so far…..

Now loosely cast on 9st spread over three needles 3-3-3 and join round.

Rw1: knit
Rw2: Inc1, k2

Rw3: inc1, k2 10-10-10
Rw4: knit
Rw5: inc1, k2 20-20-20
Rw6- …… : knit


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