Adjusted pattern for work mittens….

Evening all.

I did my adjustments by unpicking the thumb and re-knitting it so here is the adjusted pattern which should knit up really nice. When casting off at ends and casting off I always like to keep the stitches loose this gives for a better fit and more stretch when wearing/putting on/taking off.

4mm needles
Tension square 1inch = 5st x 7rws

Co 39st split 3dpn 13-13-13

Rw1-7: k1, p1

Rws 8-23: knit

Rw24: Inc1, knit 9, RPT to end of rw. 15-15-14

Rw25-35: knit

Rw36: inc 1, knit 7, move next 9 to holder, move needle 2 to holder, move needle 3 first 7 stitches to holder and knit remaining 7 stitches rearranging needles 5-4-5.

Start new row count for thumb



Rw1: knit 5-4-5
Rw2-7: k1, p1
Rw8: cast off.

Rejoin picking up two stitiches from base of thumb, redistribute needles to start 4 across from picked up st. (From 6-15-13 to 11-11-12)

Rw1-11: Kn
Rw 12-17: k1, p1
Rw18: cast off.


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