I am currently testing out my new keyboard for my tablet. wow. actually better than my laptop!! for typing that is. I think this may well be my new device for posting on wordpress. So much easier than stressing with the predictive text and much more compact. I am actually starting to see the benefit my husband was on about for getting a tablet. At first i thought it would just be useful for reading and didn’t see the point in getting  anything other than a kindle so i can read more books on the go, but since i have it i have become (just a little…) addicted to a game called cooking fever – originally downloaded for the boys but they asked me to help them and been hooked ever since….

I have also discovered that (despite the problems with predictive text) I can use this for posting my blog (much easier to add pics), I can even log into the ou to check on my uni work whilst out and about (with a wifi connection or using my mobiles connection).

So all in all, very please with my tablet. and definately pleased with the keyboard. i also think once Darren sees it he will be wanting to use it if not wanting his own!



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