My little project for warm hands whilst i work: Mittens

4mm needles
Tension square 1inch = 5st x 7rws

Co 39st split 3dpn 13-13-13

Rw1-7: k1, p1

Rws 8-23: knit

Rw24: Inc1, knit 9, RPT to end of rw. 15-15-14

Rw25-35: knit

Rw36: in1, k3, x3 (9st) move remaining 9st from n1 to holder, N2 15st move to holder, n3 move 8st to holder, inc1, k1, to end. Redistribute needles currently 5-8-8

Start new row count for thumb

Rw1: knit 7-7-7
Rw2-6: knit
Rw7:k1, k2tog, k1, k2tog, k1 rpt to last 4 k to end, 5-5-6
Rw8-12: k1, p1
Rw13: cast off.

Rejoin picking up two St from base of t!humb, redistribute needles to start 4 across from picked up st. (From 6-15-13 to 11-11-12)

Rw1-11: Kn
Rw 12-17: k1, p1
Rw18: cast off.

OK the pattern needed some adjustment, but hay, I haven’t knitted a thing for three years… Not bad really…

I will make the adjustments as I knit the other mitten and post up in due course.


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