Tired eyes


As I try to work my eyes grow weary. As I look around everything distracts me. The log has burnt down, the fire has nearly disappeared. Well, maybe an hour or so more before it is solely embers.

I wish I could focus. During the day there are so many distractions. At night, time I finish work at ten, I just want to sleep. Instead I try to wind down and ready myself for study, tonight this took me an hour and a half.

I got an hour’s work done and not even 150 words to show for it. I had hoped to submit tomorrow. Instead I must aim to push on and get the bulk b completed. I have a rough plan, I know roughly v what I need and how to get there. Now to battle on and get there…

Whilst at work (for my break time that is) I have started knitting a Peppa Pig toy for Annabelle. I have starting blogging it’s progress here so will later write up the pattern and post to Ravelry (my username is iamhannah).

I can’t keep my eyes open a moment longer. Goodnight all. 


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