You may not be able to see it but there was actually two rainbows that morning. If you look closely about a half way across towards the left of the clearest one, you can just make out the second, reaching up from the trees. This photo was taken on the 2nd December 2015. It was pouring it down with rain, but as always my daughter and I were walking her two older brothers, my sons, to school and nursery. The same as I do each and every day come rain, shine or snow.

The point of this is not to highlight that I walk my children to school rather than drive despite what the weather throws at us, nor is it to make you jealous by the beautiful Scottish Scenery at it’s worst (This is just part of our walk to school – Scotland is truly a magnificent country), but instead it is to demonstrate that there is light at the end of the tunnel – no matter how dark, dull and/or gloomy it can seem.

I haven’t managed to write a single word for either part of my essay this evening. Yet, in a way I have made progress, in the sense that I know (think) I have an understanding of what is expected of me (I bloody hope so anyhow).  I have read (reread several times) the relavent chapters, I have reread my tutors comments on my previous assignments, so as such I beleive I have (almost) all the tools required to complete the job at hand. Whereby tomorrow, this time, I will be writing to say I have a first draft of both parts and merely have to revise my work before submission.

Henceforth, I will get this assignment sent off by Wednesday bedtime (usually very early Thursday morning, say 1ish), and by Saturday I would have read through the relevant chapters for my next assignment for a215 creative writing, and have a first draft of the assignment ready by Sunday bedtime.

Despite having done no exercise this weekend, and very little activity, I will also be feeding back that as back into the weekday routine I have recommenced waking at 6.30-7am to do zumba, before getting the boys to school, Annabelle for her nap and some work in the morning before activities in the afternoon with Annabelle and Elijah. And since its a Monday making pizza with the three of them. Helping Isaac with his homework and listening to his brilliant progress on the guitar.

Exercise-wise, I should have done between 25-50min Zumba, plus 6x 15-30 minute walks to and from school. This is what I do every weekday – unless Darren picks Isaac up after school or our nieghbours do. But that is not an often occurance.

By the way, what did you think of my attempt at a poetic form of blogging instead of my usual babble? Which do you prefer? a good ol’ rant like this one, or a short and sweet, with a little rhyme poen outlining the events?


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