Today we went to the auction house
We wondered far and wide
We slipped
We slid
But only one of us hurt our hides.

Today we put a bid on
We had planned on many more
We hoped and prayed to win it
But alas the bids went too far.
We did not ‘win’ the car.

Today we went to Dundee
We went to Montrose first
We went to Arbroath too.

Today we looked for a coffee table
Two bikes
A car
And a ring.

Today we came home
With one bike
A scooter
Knee and elbow pads
A stereo
And a bike rack.
But no car.
But no ring.


Today we fell asleep all afternoon
The children watched TV.
Elmo in Grouchland
So glad we missed that one.

Today we all enjoyed ourselves
We laughed
We ran
We played.

It didn’t worked out quite as planned
But then who would have ever knew
That the day would end so happy
All fresh to work anew.


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