Happy New Year

I am feeling just a little guilty – like I have let you all down this festive season.  But at the same time I have had the best christmas ever just at home with my family. Not worrying about university, though working hard all through. Doing lots of baking and crafts with the children. Though I still feel like I could have spent more time with them. I wonder if this is the fate of a parent? Forever feeling guilty and wondering if we have spent enough time especially meaning quality time with our children….

Our Yearly Bake – a ginger bread house (actually markII – the first got eaten before the icing was even made…)

I have just got my first new year assignment in (well at lunchtime today). I was working this christmas, I had Christmas day off, then my usually alternative long weekend luckily fell the following three days after so I nice wee break with the family. After the NaNoWriMo and getting in the 1500 word essay (which turned out to be one big headache!), only got back into my University work after the New Year – despite having done small bits throughout December I didn’t really do that much. So, it only goes to say that I will be ‘feeling it’ the next few months as things start to hot up. The essay I just sent off was for my favoured module Creative Writing, it consisted of a full short story of 2200 words and a commentary of 500 words. I was at the upper limit of 2402 for the story and just a mere 8 words over on the commentary.  I really enjoy writing stories and even the editing process to me is super fun. It’s the commentary which I dislike. I never know if I have explained adequately… Still it isn’t due until 08/01/2016 so right now I am feeling mega proud of myself for getting it in a whole 2 days – 48 hours

before the deadline! Whoop Whoop!

The next assignment is for my English Literature module a230, and is due on the 21st January. Bar a little catch up reading of the forums this evening, I wont be doing any ‘actual work’ on this until tomorrow. Where henceforth (with the exception of saturday – I will explain shortly…) I will be working on it flat out in the hope of completion early so I may get ahead with the rest of the assignments to try and prevent any backlogs or chances of having to ask for extensions with the school holidays always being my downfall – so hopefully I will be able to spend the school holidays with the children rather than with my head in a book.

So with reference to Saturday – we will be going to our first live auction since having the children. I am both looking forward to this whilst also

dreading the idea of an auction with three young children. Usually we would put the bids over the phone or online. But we wont actually get the chance to view it beforehand otherwise so we are actually going to go the full day (packed lunch and tablets at the ready… Watch this space for the outcome of auction hunting with children in toe….).

I have also as of this morning started properly back into my lifestyle change. After being sorely dissapointed in myself for definately letting go a little too much and certainly not in the good way that Elsa does… I discovered I had put on over half of the weight I had lost in the first part of 2015. So my goal of being my ideal weight for my Birthday this year has properly gone out of the window. Replaced with the mini goal of losing the weight I regained by my birthday this year – less than a month I will probably reach it nearer Isaac’s Birthday. But one may still try.

My next goal of the year is to lose around 15kg by mid-end June for our 10 year wedding anniversary ( Can’t beleive it is 10 years already! – and this year we would have known each other 18 years! thats more than half my life…) (I feel old saying that.).

Then to lose another 10kg by December 2016, in the hope that by February 2017 (a year later than hoped…) I will be down to my ideal weight/BMI. This in itself will be an acheivement as I have spent the majority of my adult life overwieght (since I was 20 😦 ).

I am also going to sign-up for the Race for Life Dundee 5k this year. Making it my third RFL. I would like to try and jog/run it too so will start training for that as best as I can with the little time I have… Anyhow, school starts back tomorrow and it is half past midnight. So I will bid ye farewell and hopefully keep up with my daily blog aim now I am hoping nt to fall off the wagon again…

As I said on my dear friend MFP – My Fitness Pal a day ago –

“Downloaded the app for my Xmas present tablet. Starting afresh tomorrow (well later today…. Since it is now 1:45am) I have properly fallen on the wagon and rolled halfway down the hill. My goal of being at ideal weight by my birthday for 2016 is now out of the window. Instead, I can only hope I can relose the extra 8-9kg I have put on by my own laziness not getting back into it after op. My new goal is our 10 year wedding anniversary on 23rd June…. To at least for the dresses I was wearing this summer gone. Then absolute goal of not overeating next Xmas…. And meeting my ideal weight a year later for my birthday 2017, this avoiding the title of being overweight for half my life and all my adult life… Wish me luck all. And Happy 2016 to you all too!!!!!”

I always feel miles better on the days when I have done my zumba so I am planning on doing a little every day – even if just a 10 minute session on my ‘day off’.

I will be going back to my rules (this is more to concrete it ito my head than to show off so you dont have to read past here if I’m boring you 😉 )-

  • no bread, except a slice or two of fresh loaf once a week with soup.
  • no pasta.
  • 2 glasses of water with each meal, one at snack time (having young children there is a morning and afternoon snacktime), and a bottle with exercise and when at work (which I will try to drink at least half of).
  • coffee (this helps boost me and keeps me awake for long study after I finish work at ten in the evening – since this is only time I can study).
  • walking to school and back briskly 3 times a day (this is kinda unavoidable as we only have one car that stays with hubby).
  • 20-60 min Zumba preferably before breakfast and schoolrun so I can either do stuff with Annabelle if she is awake or do my uni work if she is napping.
  • weekly weigh-in just wieght no bells and whistles.
  • monthly measures – tape measure and scales full weight analyses. The latter is not really that important but it does help to be able to see how far you’ve come – or in the case of todays measures – how far you have plumetted – all the way back to March-April 😦 .
  • Logging EVERYTHING – for me it is all or nothing and if its nothing that is usually when I start going wayward.

I will also be setting myself other goals to keep myself on track

  1. the above of getting next essay in for next week between 11/01-13/01/2016 i.e. just under a week before due date. Then getting straight on with next assignments.
  2. fitness goals above.
  3. study after work.
  4. setting up new goals calendar on tablet – to keep me on track.
  5. 10 mins meditation (I will try this everyday for a week or so and see if it does anything, according to a pal of mine form MFP its supposed to be quite good and beneficial…. again – watch this space for an update).
  6. upto 1hr exercise in morning.
  7. at least 10minutes writing everyday (freewrite or story – which after nanowrimo is currently sitting at the 60k mark…).
  8. 2 hr study a night – alternating between modules unless need to do extra for an upcoming essay (though hopefully if I am ahead this wont matter as much).
  9. music – I want to try and learn the guitar and how to read music (properly – so I can use sheet music instead of learning everything by heart), I would also like my dad to get my harp finished so I can start playing again – but obviously my harp comes after the ones he’s getting paid to make through his business (so if you’d like one first go buy one – harpmaker.eu)
  10. go bike riding with the family (getting a bike for Darren and I first of course…)
  11. daily blog posts! even if only small…..



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