Struggling with words

I am 715 into a 1500 word essay on the Novel Oroonoko. To say I am struggling is an understatement!


Well to start with my confidence was knocked with the very prompt marking and result of my first assignment, only 52% as aposed to last years average of 70% (which I was well within with the creative writing). I was left a little baffled and bemused as to where I had failed. Regardless of the comments.


I have found the book itself, well, it wasn’t the easiest of reads, for a number of reasons. First of all it has very little punctuation ( a little like my freewrites! and anything I handwrite…), Secondly, it is talking about colonialism and slavery – not something I enjoy reading about, and thirdly I just didn’t like the content. Don’t get me wrong, it is a page turner – but this doesnt make it any less difficult to digest. Happily my dearest Annabelle has dispatched with it…. Well that is to say she has put it somewhere – probalby just in a different place on one of our bookshelves – maybe even next to her very dog-earred Frozen DVD.


I have read and reread the course materials, the book itself, and the forums in the hope of a Eureka moment, but alas it is in vain!


I just have lost all hope right now and all I want is to get the word count done and send it off for marking! The worst that can happen is another poor mark. But that said once I have the main essay it is so much easier to edit it to cover the appropriate areas.


The last thing I want to do is to ask for an extension. To me that would be terrible. I have done when I needed to, but I am just not enjoying this essay. In fact it is stressing the hell out of me so Iwould rather just get it done and dusted and then move on to the next.


I can’t say the next – on Wordsworth is really tickling my fancy, but at least I have the fourth to look forward to – it is on one of my most favoured books of my teen years – Wuthering Heights! Can’t wait!!


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