Getting my Mojo back

Screen Shot 2015-11-24 at 22.58.52I decided about 30 minutes ago that I would start back on MFP (My Fitness Pal) tonight.  Well, I kinda did last night as I ordered our weekly shop and added the salad on the list.

Back in January I decided to set myself the goal of losing as much weight as I could before July (mainly because I was due to go into hospital for major surgery and I didn’t want them having any excuse to say no).  So I started at around 110kg or 17.5 stones. By July, I had lost a whopping great 19kg (just shy of 20kg). I hadn’t realised how much I had actually lost until I went clothes shopping with y sister in law. I was fitting into size 14, and more impressively size 10s and 12s!! Even when I was younger I hadn’t ever fitted into a 10/12. But I suppose thats what having children and getting older does – completely changes your body shape.

Anyhow, I have been wanting to get back on track for a while but kept making excuses as the batteries died on my scales and I can’t get them out to change them. But tonight I decided enough is enough. Yes, I know I have put on a little (the jeans that had been hanging off me before the surgery are just fitting), but just because I can’t weigh myself doesn’t mean I should put  off. I have the added deterent too as I can’t exercise at the moment since spraining my feet with a pair of bad boots (very bad 😦 how dare they do such a horrid thing!), but I am gonna get my eating back on track first, it’s all I can do. I have been finding since I have gone off track I am getting way more spots and starting to feel a bit low/tired at times too. So salad lunches started back today. Tomorrow I will start weighing my cereal again so I don’t over-eat. And get back into slow-cooked meals – whether hubby eats it or not! He can always eat something else as well if it’s not enough for him. x x


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