What is wrong with the world?

Why is it so many people in the world can go around not caring about others? Each day people are left without food or drink and die. Some are just left without the basic essentials and manage. But what I want to know is how the f*****g h*** can people sleep with themselves when they are the sole cause of this?

How can people not understand that what they do has an impact on others – no matter how big or small it is to them? That if they just can’t be bothered to do something that someone else can be left to suffer? That by them lying about their actions can leave people disillusioned not only with them but every other person in between?


Tonight this is how I feel right now.  I feel like i am fed up with people thinking just because they work for someone else or a big business which doesn’t have just one person that can be held accountable for that they can dowhat the f*** they like. Coz why the heck does it matter wht they do or don’t do? Well I will tell you why – because not everyone has access to things like they do, not everyone has someone else who can help them when they are in need and if they spend a little money then that may be all the money they have to buy food or medicine or whatever they need for the next month. Full Stop. PEOPLE WAKE UP AND SMELL THE ROSES – GIVE A F.U.C.K. FOR OTHERS!!! STOP BEING A S.H.I.T. TO EVERYONE JUST BECAUSE YOU TAKE THE WORLD AND YOUR LUXURIES FOR GRANTED.

Now this may or may not be news to everyone but here are a few things that are basic to life – food, water, shelter.  Take one of these away and you are gonna struggle to survive. Take two away and you days are numbered.

This is the one thing that really pisses me off. I am a caring person, if I see someone struggling I offer to help.  If I see someone begging, I buy them some food. I say hi and/or smile to everyone I pass. EVERY ONE. EVERY DAY. Even when I am in the middle of London at a busy tube station.  If I can help in any way I will. I have not had the worst life, but it hasn’t been the best and I have seen a lot of horrible things. BUT. I know, deep down, people, no matter how bad their life has been can and do have the ability to care. But it is a choice they make. This could be a choice between doing everything they are set to do by their boss or going home five minutes early or on time so they can see the footy – or even so they can say goodnight to their daughter before she goes to sleep.  But, just pretending it doesn’t matter, doesn’t mean it doesn’t. It does.


2 thoughts on “What is wrong with the world?

  1. You said, “I say hi and/or smile to everyone I pass. EVERY ONE. EVERY DAY.” This is the first place to start. By being kind to our neighbours. I understand your sentiments and I hope that you will meet many more people who feel the same. Keep being caring, as it makes more of a difference than you know. x

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