I was checking the OU course forums earlier this eveing upon my return from an amazing fireworks display (if not a little scary – due to a couple of miss-fires… 😦 ), when I saw a thread about the NaNoWrMo. Inquisitive as I am, I decided to find out what the heck this meant.  Well, boy am I  glad I did!

Even though I have three children, work part-time and doing this OU degree full-time, I have decided to sign-up for this NaNoWrMo, simply because when I did TMA 01 I simply couldnt stop thinking about the story and have so much in my head it needs putting into a book!

This means I can have a go not only with a free copy of Ulysses (if only for a month), but I can also see if I can write 50k words in less than a month (seeing as this started on 1st Nov and I only just signed up tonight!)….



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