Whoop Whoop !!

My mini holiday starts today! Whoop Whoop!! No work ’til Monday! Yay!

The plan: Fireworks Night, relax night, Local Fireworks Night, relax night, holiday over back to work…

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I hear ya saying but it’s only four days. But hay 4 days is better than no days, and yes the children will still be at school tomorrow and Friday so still have the thrice daily trek up and down to school – my five a week 3hr walks ;-p I love them really (the walks that is the children there isnt even a question…. lol).

Well, anyhow would love to chat but my body is against me right now and has given me a cold – sore throat headache and the like. How nice of it for the start of my holidays….green eggs and ham

I was looking for the perfect picture to express how poorly I am feeling and excited I am feeling at the same time, I couldn’t find any thing.  But reminded myself of this.  A few weeks back after a week or so of the children going through an obsession with Dr Seuss Green Eggs and Ham (they tend to obsess over a book just wanting that for a week or more – read morning nap, afternoon after nursery then again with daddy at bedtime) I decided to make them some green eggs and ham – well I added the food colouring a little late so it didn’t change the ham as well as the egg, but the rice stayed completed unstained so they were convinced this is exactly what Sam-I-am had had in the sea, only there mama had been considerate and added some rice to bulk it up a bit seeing as ham and eggs wouldn’t fill them up on its own…. Anyhow, they loved it, and quite frankly so did I. If I even remember to do it again I will post a picture and let you know how it goes! never know might do it tomorrow! …. Watch this space…. (have added a green eggs and ham tag – to keep a track on any future attempts/efforts)


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