Word of the day: juxtapose

Today my word is ‘juxtapose‘.

Juxtaposed to my dire situation last night (I managed to get around 1400 words written by 12:30am, not bad only half an hour longer than I had hoped), I now have a complete first draft of around 1600 words.  Within the upper limits of the word count.  Now – to get some people to read it and tell me if it makes sense and if not what I need to do to make it more comprehendable!

Also love the image i found – at first glance it just looks like a desert scene, look closer and it’s actually half desert half wooly jumper – very appropriate considering the changing weather here – both emotionally (i.e. to essay write or not to essay write), and outside – jumping from warm to icy cold…

For those who don’t yet know from my analogies what juxtapose means here is a brief definition, taken from OED online:

Definition of juxtapose in English:


[with object]

Place or deal with close together for contrasting effect:
‘black-and-white photos of slums were starkly juxtaposed with colour images’

More example sentences

  • We produce the effect of counterpoint by juxtaposing lineal periods with grammatical periods.
  • I was lifting and collaging sentences and sections from all sorts of popular publications and juxtaposing them for effect.
  • When two contrary elements are juxtaposed, the sudden surprise catches us off guard.
  • Other paintings in the show juxtapose cinematic effects with sections that insist upon the obdurate flatness of the picture’s surface.
  • Some fascinating comparisons are achieved by juxtaposing the liberty and exclusivity of the traditions of the synagogue with those of the illegal trade of the mafia.
  • She divides their stories into helpfully labeled chapters that juxtapose their stories at each stage.


place/set side by side, place/set close to one another, mix;
compare, contrast, place/set against one another;
Linguistics  collocate, colligate

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