English Literature is about to blow my ******g head open!!!!


Being one that has never had a great grasp of grammer or plays I find myself wondering with every word of this essay I try to write ‘what the ***k am I doing?’  After an entire day fully devoted to getting my first draft written for a 1500 word essay written, I find I have around 400 words total (this is including my rough plan…

The essay is analysing the John Webster play ‘The Duchess of Malfi’, considering its importance the language and the way it can be performed.  Right now I find mysefl here, on word press, typing more on this blog in the last two minutes than I have in the last three hours! Doing my first degree in Health and Social Care Management I struggled dont get me wrong but I don’t remember feeling this lost!  Maybe its just the first essay with a new tutor that is doing it. But then again the last TMA that I sent off on Thursday gone was with a new tutor too and I didn’t find that one this perplexing.



That would be the apropriate word right now. Perplexing. I am fully and completely and utterly perplexed.  I am right back to re-thinking why on earth I am doing this course and thing maybe I should call up the OU and find out what I can do instead – if there is another option.

I think i may well have to do that.  I will see how I go.  If I can get a draft written up in the next 3 hours, then fine, I will persist with this course.  If on the otherhand, I can’t, then I will have to reconsider my options (once I know exactly what they are!).

And look I have written near enough what I have for my entire essay so far in less than 10 minutes flat! However now I must try and write some prose on verse.


Update: 22:16

I am now upto 700 words!!! nearly halfway – yet, the worst is yet to come….


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