My first mention!!! So proud right now! Also feeling much better motivated.

This morning I got my essay in around 2hrs early, I then spent the rest of the day trying to find a video version of the duchess of malfi followed by lots of other avoidance techniques that I seem to be master of!

I have drawn a line /\ tehehehe

no, but seriously, I have mentally too.  I will now try to refocus on this next assignment due 5th November, no small feat as it is 1500 of my written words of unresearched, incomprehensible play to decipher and understand and interpret to be handed in no later than midday thursday 5th November.

I though I was doing really well keeping up with this but these 1600s plays are really baffling me.  I am at a loss, and this morning I was nearly ready to throw in the towel – I was gonna call up the OU and find out my options, I even looked up to see what other modules I could do, however as this was a dead-end and I then had to collect my son and go to work, I did nothing further on this.  And i am so glad i hadn’t done more as then I checked WP and got this lovely message From SharonYvonne, I was going to reread her inspiring get back to work post when I stumbled upon the ‘Grit’ post (link above).  This lovely woman not only gave the needed kick up the rear but also nearly brought me to tears with her lovely comments on this mediocre blog I attempt to write some dribble in each and everyday – personally I was just hoping I didn’t lose followers for thinking I was spamming them for the days when I post multiple posts of nonsense with my random every thoughts!P1030697

So if you are one of those people reading this right now (which obviously you are else you wouldn’t be seeing this duh!) then a big thank you for reading by babblings.

Hannah x x


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