Self-doubts and harp music

Emma Elizabeth in the drawing room with harpsicord, chello and stools in background

I have written enough words for the first of my TMAs (Tutor Marked assignment or essay for my course for those not experienced in OU terminology).  I am sitting listening to my dad playing the harp through my mac (Tim Hampson – In The Kitchen – if you would like a copy email him – or buy online from: or, currently it is playing a Morva Rhuddla, a peice I spent hours mesmerised watching my dad sitting by the log-burning stove on many a cold evening in Bere Ferrers. Or back home in Fernham by the open fire as he played.  It makes me miss home.  It makes me miss playing the harp, and I wonder when I will have another to play – or the time to play it. On the subject of time I think when am I going to start back into my zumba, I feel like i have put on all the weight I lost but dont seem to be able to get the motivation I had before the summer.  Then I start thinking about how much I am procrastinating and should really be doing my essay! and on that note I will go, try get some done, before having to collect my son from nursery and then lunch, try and get some done whilst occupying the children, do tea go to work and work into the wee small hours hopefully on A230s first TMA by then…..

Tim Hampson – Harpmaker

This is my favourite harp pictured, the Emma-Elizabeth based on an old Welsh-Triple harp from St. Fagans Museum, Cardiff.  To me it is super comfortable to play and it has the best sound, with a great depth and softness to the notes.  It is one that my dad makes –

The self doubt kicks in harder when I remember it is this friday the first is due, and the first for A230 is next Thursday – Bonfire night.


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