Random words and Conan the Barbarian

I was doing some study last night (as I do nearly every night) when the TV switched over (after a program had finished playing out on sky planner) onto Conan the Barbarian, when I thought of an interesting game, a little like the sort I am learning writers tend to do a lot of – word association type or clustering, so I thought, this is something I wasn’t really watching and I have not seen before so the idea is: I start off with the title of the film and then thinking about what I saw of it, brainstorm words that come into my head – related or not. So here goes….

Conan the Barbarian

blue boat > sadness> tears> scolding hot fire> wierd people> bad acting> cute hunky> nice body> ‘I wish I look that good’ good looks

witch > crazy lady> stupid nails> Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom> heart scene> loveless> tatoos> lesbian> pure> obviously not> now dead> funny way to die/kill someone> red boxer shorts> diverted by current images on TV> TV is bad> boredom increases> tired> bed> sleep

strong hands> hummm> bad nails> fungal infection> nice costumes> would I have enjoyed doing that really> how do I always get this back into something from my past?

last one…. only coz i got distracted there…

child> obvious he will be conan> can’t understand what they are saying> or doing> funny ittle crazy man> dude> where’s my car> tehehehe> Frodo? > really> isn’t he from Lord of the Rings> special person> grey hair> reminds me of Carlos from Twilight> he is so dead/ gonna die> she isn’t> how can she be pure if she is doing things that lead to anothers impending death?> is manslaughter innocent?> can you still be pure of heart if you knowingly lead someone to their death?> even in self-deffence?

Right, that is me for tonight. Over and out!


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