Feeling a little overwelmed.


After completing all my studies on schedule for the creative writing module A215, I am still left with a feeling of great of having taken on more than i can chew (as I realise I still have a chapter and a half to read for A230, as well as the activities to complete)…  I am found procastinating writing this blog searching out alternative words for no reason what-so-ever.

Yet just an hour ago, I thought I had barely touched on the A215, so not nearly as bad as I thought.

I still feel as though I am bogged under. However, having rethinked things, taking into consideration that the children have been on the school holidays ths last fortnight, I started back working in the evenings last tuesday (having been off work for nearly three months).

So, also feeling a little blank in the head having a little ‘writer’s block’ as such, but am i even a writer? After a sleepless night of children waking at the wrong times, and worrying about not getting on schedule with my studies, I think I really just need to finish the reading and then take a look at the essays to set my mind at ease.


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