Thinking of the ‘Beep Beep Boop’

I was thinking of the Beep Beep Boop before I went to bed last night and this is what I wrote:

Beep beep boop I think I caught a toot, a reel of wells, a sneel of snails, a beep, a beep, a boop.

Heap, sneap, snoop.

The toot went through a loop.

The loop gets wider,

my eyes grow like cider,

heepity, sneapity, snoo snoo snoo snoop.

feetThis picture is of my daughters wellington boots in our dining room, next to where i am typing right now, though she is back outside laughing and playing tig with her eldest brother.  The sun is beaming in through all three windows; though the chill is coming in through the backdoor the children don’t seem to be able to keep closed…

The rubbish that fills my head, can really not be expressed, any better than nonsense, nonesensicle drowning in a bottle of ship and a flask of whisky.  Still in my head. Reels and wheels of nothing. But words are going around and around and there is no one to express or understand what on earth is going on or what is meant.

One thing is for sure, before bed works a darn sight better than on waking for me so far any how! Morning pages pheaW!!


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