It came to me

carnoustie eclipse 2015

(This picture is from the recent eclipse – taken in our back garden.)

Last night I caught an angels wings,

they fluttered through my heart,

into the open arms of life,

to start on an angelic path.

Yesterday morning, I thought my life was

all adrift; afloat, upon the sea.

then up did rise this angel:

Oh God, she took me by surprise!

Today, I feel much better.

My heart an open book. Not fully aglow,

but still not sinking ships;

well, not ’til moro doth say ‘hello’

Tomorrow: always a bad day.

Never, here. and still to come.

Not yet past, and neither in the present.

Today, so much more to show.

The promises held. By tomorrow.

The sorrow it holds in it’s tears,

The happiness as yet untold in its fold,

But it never comes and it never goes.

So, last night when I caught this angels wings,

my hope rose through the roof.

That one day, a great depression

would lift, from all that ever stood.

The world is so full of love and hate.

Yet, hate seems to have the rule.

So, when you too, catch an angels wings

we will all terminate with the abhor.

(by Hannah Brome, Tuesday, 13th October 2015)


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