Hello again…


Well here’s to me writing again after a very busy week and a bit….

Over the last week and a bit, we have had our bathroom torn out; the wall ripped down in the bathroom and Annabelle’s bedroom; half Annabelle’s floor peeled back; a new wall and floorboards put in; a new bathroom put in; and had to do half the tiling ourselves!  Then to finish it off we had our youngest son’s fourth Birthday party yesterday…

So to say the least: I. a.m. e.x.h.a.u.s.t.e.d.!

Workmen in the house every single day for a week and a half is bad enough, but having to tile half a bathroom when i have never done anything like that before (and I am not meant to be lifting anything or doing anything strenuous… but hay due back at work on Tuesday).  That said we now have happy people all-round.  No more workmen!! That makes me super happy – I am telling you now I hate having strangers in my home! Not bad in small quantities but all day everyday I just can’t do it!  New bathroom and our old shower back, makes hubby happy not having to use a rubbishy low pressure shower or have to brush teeth in the same bathroom our boys have just placed a bomb in the toilet… Birthday Party – all happy children with having been all partied out; and a supply of food for the week makes hubby and I happy again!

So all in all not too bad a result.

The bathroom came about whilst I was in hospital back in July, Isaac got out the shower and the hand rail came off the wall, resulting in the insurance surveyor discovering a disaster by way of a leak leaving us out of the bathroom and our yougests bedroom  (we had planned on moving her in there this summer, but as it took until now to get that part resolved she is still in ith the boys until the insurance get the carpet replaced).


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