REBLOGGED: Corby catastrophe 

I am so glad when I read things like this, I have three children, 6 1/2, nearly 4 (week friday) and 2 1/2, so I know exactly how you feel. Children do the craziest things and even if you think before you have children (or once you have had them, just because you haven’t had the same experience – yet), you will at some point experience something similar…


Baby Ava needed new shoes, she has very narrow feet so I knew I was going to have to use a measured and fitted service- I use the term service loosely, because what we got was a gruffalo grunt her size to me, after a hard fought battle to get Ava to put her feet in the measure. More about that later.

Anyway, my Nan and I were driving over to Corby, Ava was sat in the back in her car seat, chatting away in her little Ava language. I turn around to talk to her to discover Aves eating a booster seat like a sandwich. Holding it in both hands and eating chunks of polyester which I fished out of her mouth (yes she did bite my finger). My nan spotted a bargain car wash (£1.50, suspiciously low in price but that’s because they rob a couple of your…

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