One of those days

Do you ever get one of ‘those days’?

talking horse

So much to do, it seems like there just aren’t enough hours in the day, exaggerated by the way your feeling – completely and utterly exhausted.  But then again completely and utterly exhausted doesn’t even come close.  I feel like i could go to the freezer and eat the worlds worth of ice cream (not that we even have any), I feel like i could also go to the cupboard and eat all the chocolate I could find (also not that we even have any).  Thank God and alas all at once- we have nothing like that in the house (bar kiddy ice cream, and a few sweets in children’s party bags from recent Birthday party attendance.  I am starting to get the feeling that in a few weeks Elijah is gonna be fed-up of birthday parties!!  He had one this weekend, yesterday in fact, he went to one the previous weekend (well, bar Daddy all of us went), he has another next Sunday, then the following weekend is his own!

That is another thing, I have to organise a birthday party for a four year old whilst feeling like a rotten old ragged egg, and the youngest my dear darling baby girl (not so much a baby anymore) Annabelle, walks in with her brothers shouting out and telling me how stinky she is, so now I must sit and do this whilst smelling a stinking toddler-child pooh in their potty right in front of me (to save me the mess and trouble of her trying to sit on the toilet – I really don’t have the energy to be cleaning pooh of hands, feet or legs or any other body part or object it just so happens to find itself).  Though – touch wood – it isn’t too stinky today…

So getting back to things, today I have had phone-call after phone-call of trying to organise too many things.  There is the bathroom that apparently can’t yet be delivered coz we are now classed as Highland Scotland and in a remote location – even though we are just 10-15 minutes drive from Dundee and there is not a mountain in sight for at least a 30 minute drive north; There is the Nursery Play and Stay to go to for Elijah since we can’t go on Friday (and been too, with Annabelle in tow and then when home-time comes, none of the children want to let us go and Annabelle doesn’t want to leave – but thankfully she is too tired to argue); there’s doctors to call and wait for call-backs from; there are plumbers to call and pay for; there are workmen to get quotes back from and try and get some kind of response to organise this stove to get put in; then there is the everyday stuff too like trying to get washing done when I am not allowed to do it myself – so trying to get a 3-4 year old and a 6-7 year old to put it in the machine locating every (well, nearly) item of dirty clothing to wash, transfering over to the dryer and getting next load on whilst remembering I am NOT to lift anything heavier than a small kettle of water, even though my 2 1/2 year old daughter is tired and fed-up or has fallen over and wants a hug, but then as soon as I nearly forget I am reminded by the pain that follows my erroneous ways; then there is tea to make; and as it’s a Monday, there is also (I was wrong the smell is now seeping out of her potty and it STINKS!) getting them ready for bed by myself and dealing with their over-excitedness in the knowledge that Daddy wont be home until just before they go to sleep tonight.

But then I am reminded why I really take my hat off to single parents, to those with partners who work away at sea either in the military or on the rigs or other occupation – any person who has this that I have just one night a week to content with on a daily basis really does deserve a medal – especially if like us they don’t have any family close-by so don’t get any time to themselves.

Right time for me to go back to the ‘real world‘ and stop having a babbling moan… Isaac’s computer has done something,

‘first it went up Mummy then it went down, and I can’t get it to work now.  Mummy can you get the stuff up – the game to work…?’


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