Okay so… Pigments at war

So, I was thinking about this all afternoon and evening.  I don’t really know what exactly holds me to this piece.  Why do I like Art even?  That is an open question that could take me a lifetime to answer.  This picture, I don’t know, but there is definately something about it, about how it merges into itself perhaps. Or the fact it has each of the primary colours and then some.

It looks like a phoenix rising from the flames, from a pool of water.   My imagination takes me to a lagoon, maybe on a secret skull island where pirates hide their treasure within the forests, jungles and caves.  In this lagoon is a group of waterfalls, hidden behind the falls are the caves (I am picturing Robin Williams in Hook… – don’t ask me why), with this magnificent creature, almost dragonlike in appearance and size, coming, appearing, as if by magic, up through the water bathed in a blaze of glorious flames, emerging from behind the falls from this inferno.

I see the ‘passion’ rising as the phoenix grows in strength and power.  The artwork speaks this in volumes, full of emotions, like it is crying out in joy, pain, and love all at once.

This peice also leaves me a little lost and bemused.  It’s so full of emotion, I think it confuses my emotions.

But also reminds me of a duck on a lake, on a golden red sunset, with its feathers shimmering in the water as it opens its wings and ducks and dives for fish lurking below.


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