My Crafts…

I have just taken some pictures of a few of the bits I have made and will soon be listing on Folksy.

First we have a hand-crafted one of a kind ring, in Quartz and gold wire.

IMAG1055 IMAG1054

Then there is a favourite of mine, a quartz, clear gemstone in silver and purple beaded bracelet.


Unique beaded necklace


Twisted gold wire beaded dangly earrings.


925 Sterling silver circles heart pendant with beaded closure.


Personalised button name canvas, on fabric and ribbon these are two I did for my boys – Isaac, and Elijah, in their favourite colours – Isaac being a fan of yellows and oranges has his on fabric with feathers, and Elijah loving his Blues and Greens (but mostly blues!) has his on a rainbow of ribbons.

IMAG1049  IMAG1050  Then finally, my appliqué Bird and Butterfies.  I have made several of these and lots as gifts for friends and family and they always go down a treat!


There are many more things for me to find the pictures (I have already taken pictures of most things I have made), I just need to find the photos and get them up!  Keep an eye out more to come soon!!!


3 thoughts on “My Crafts…

  1. I used to love making jewellery years ago, been so long since I’ve made anything at all though! Need to find some more time for being crafty 🙂
    Stevie x
    P.S welcome to the blogging world!

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